Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'Hard pounding, gentlemen!'


Here is a glimpse of products the Iron Duke has us working on presently. We know it's a bit frustrating to see the lovelies on display here and not be able to buy them straight away but, trust the Duke, it does take time to bring items to market at the standard you have a right to expect and the standard his lordship will always insist on. Nothing can ever be done in less than a month, counting from the time the sculptor puts his tools down, while some items have to wait a while longer for essential bedfellows to be finished: for example there's no point bringing the limber horses to market until we have some action packed artillery drivers flailing their whips about to go with them. They say that 'patience is a virtue': we're all collecting these things too, so we're all sharing the same journey together! But our notion is that a discerning customer base like ours would much rather see us getting things right than wrong, and would much prefer to see what's around the corner than be left in the dark waiting for something, anything, to happen!  So, for your delight and delectation, the Iron Duke presents.....   


Work is presently underway on the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders (24 figs), British higher command personalities, mounted field officers, 5 x standing and walking horses, sets of walking and halted baggage camels, 2 x baggage elephants and mahouts, mathlockmen and other nice things besides. Please don't immediately hold your breath, as all this will take time to come into full production. Designs have been completed for the following personality figures: Lt-Gen Sir Colin Campbell (C-in-C India), Maj-Gen Sir James Outram, Brig-Gen Sir Henry Lawrence, Brig-Gen Archdale Wilson, Brigadier John Nicholson (foot and mounted versions); Brig-Gen Henry Havelock, Lt-Col Fraser-Tytler (Havelock's chief of staff), Col/Brig-Gen James Neill, Col/Brig Hope Grant, Capt Francis Maude RA and Capt Jeremiah Brasyer (mounted this time). 


Mounted Field Officers

We've put up a random selection here, but they will retail (probably) in sets of 8, with horses available separately in sets of four. Some of these characters could readily go into units of volunteer horse, as overthrown EIC officers. Equally many could be used as staff officers to our forthcoming personality figures. 

Mounted Field Officers on standing horses.

Mounted Field Officers on standing horses.

Set of four baggage camels on the march. Each of the camels twice, with three different Indian civilians to ride atop them (leaving one led animal). 

Set of four baggage camels at the halt. Same camel with four different loads and three different Indian camp followers on foot. 

New code of four Walking/Cantering Horses. Two of each.

New Code of four Standing Horses. One each of the outside ones and two of the one in the centre. 

The drivers seen here are Bengal Artillery Europeans. There will be a complete 8-figure set of BA Europeans in the second tranche of horse artillery.


Here's a couple of the infantry dollies we have in hand at present, destined in this case to end up as codes of 'matchlockmen'.  

   Saddlery and Harness Close-Ups