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Sepoy Infantry now on the Workbench Page

Posted on 19 August, 2015 at 7:35

How exciting! On the 'Workbench' page you can now see the first three codes of Sepoy infantry and, no surprise, we've been treated to more cracking good sculpting by Hicks Pasha. In the captions there you will see a comprehensive steer as to what precisely we intend to produce by way of regular sepoy infantry - which should be distinctly helpful to our customers for unit planning purposes. This will enable you to invest in new releases, as they come on stream, in a logical fashion and in the right quantities to fit your own particular need.  

Having recently finished painting some skirmishing and 'charge bayonets' figures for HM 84th (The York and Lancaster) Regiment, we have also added some new imagery to the 'Miniatures Gallery'.

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