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'Warfare' at Reading. Release of first new Mutineer codes.

Posted on 12 November, 2015 at 16:35

The second crew for Maude's Battey and the first three sepoy infantry codes (still on display at the workbench page) will be available at the Empress trade stand this weekend, (Saturday and Sunday, Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading), and will go up in their online shop over the next couple of weeks. We've held these back a bit so as to close up the gap between sculpting windows, with the result that some more new stuff can follow in tolerably quick succession (hopefully). There are six new flagsheets for the 57th, 53rd, 42nd, 17th,10th and 1st Bengal Native Infantry ready to go. We're not releasing these just yet, because there are not yet any sepoy ensigns to march about with them and also because we'll be giving a few away with big orders of mutineers and we want a few more codes of mutineers on stream before we bundle up the deal for you. 

Worth remembering that the best (cheapest) way to buy the artillery is bundled up with 6 bullocks, limber, gun, 4 figure crew and 2 drivers in the big set. Keep an eye on those sepoys!

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