Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'Hard pounding, gentlemen!'



(Southern Africa 1846-1853)

OR 1  British Infantry, skirmish line in action, coatees, peaked Kilmarnocks (mainly), crossbelt equipment, blanket packs, P1842 percussion muskets. (8 figs). Not yet available.

[Particularly suited for the 43rd (The Monmouthshire) Regiment (Light Infantry). Note that the 43rd removed the light infantry wings from its coatees].

(Gwalior Afghanistan, Punjaub and Scinde in the 1840s)

GAPS 1 British Infantry, firing line, coatees, peaked forage caps (older pattern) quilted cover and neck curtain, knapsacks, P1839 percussion muskets (8 figs). Not yet available.

[Particularly suited for HM 22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment in Scinde 1843]. 

GAPS 2 Sikh Irregular Matchlockmen, firing line, with tulwars and slung shields. (8 figs). Not yet available. 

[Suitable for 1st and 2nd Anglo-Sikh Wars].


IDM 1  Union Flags (x 3).  Not yet available. 

[Particularly suited for standard bearers in general officers' command groups and for buildings].

IDM 2 Red over white lance pennons (x21). Not yet available. 

IDM 3 HM 24th (The 2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot (1849). Not yet available. 

IDM 4 HM 22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment of Foot (1843). Not yet available. 

Price List

4-figure codes on foot: £7.00

2-figure codes on foot: £3.50

8-figure codes of riders (only) or infantry: £14.00

4-horse codes £10.00

4-camel codes £11.00

8-horse codes, artillery teams: £20.00

Flag Sheets: £5.00

Individual Mahouts - £1.75

Other miscellaneous items such as guns and carts are individually priced at their listing