Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'Hard pounding, gentlemen!'


All sheets £5.00. 

IDM 1 British Union Flags

Three Union Flags suitable for command and staff sets

IDM 2 British Cavalry Lance Pennons

(21 x red over white pennons. Suitable for the 12th Lancers (NYA) in our forthcoming Orange River Range, as well as certain EIC irregular cavalry regiments in India).


The 'finial' on a colour is the ornamentation adorning the head of the pikestaff, typically at this period an ornate spear point, with two trailing tassels of gold cord.  We recommend the British Napoleonic finials made by our friends at Flags of War, (who also make our IDM flagsheets for us), as the ideal finishing touch to your infantry colours up to and including the Crimean War.  They can seen and purchased on the Flags of War website here: