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Iron Duke Miniatures

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Indian Mutiny Banners & Flags (IMBF)

Battle Honours historically accurate according to regiment and legible. All sheets £5.00. 



The 'finial' on a colour is the ornamentation adorning the head of the pikestaff, typically at this period an ornate spear point, with two trailing tassels of gold cord.  We recommend the British Napoleonic finials made by our friends at Flags of War, (who also make our IDM flagsheets for us), as the ideal finishing touch to your infantry colours, for the 1857-8 period.  They are suitable for both Queen's and EIC regiments, including Company Europeans, Punjaub Irregular Force, Sikh Infantry Regiments, Bengal Native Infantry, Oude Irregular Force and Scindia's Gwalior Contingent. They can seen and purchased on the Flags of War website here: 

IMBF01 The Colours of HM 64th (2nd Staffordshire) Regiment.


IMBF02 The Colours of HM 78th Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs).

IMBF03 The Colours of the 1st Madras European Fusiliers ('Neill's Bluecaps').

{Figures painted by Aly Morrison}). 

IMBF04 The Colours of HM 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment.

IMBF05 The Colours of the Regiment of Ferezopore ('Brasyer's Sikhs'). 

Note that there is almost no historical data on the regiment's colours, beyond the fact that the second or regimental colour had a yellow field, though we know that the regiment had no pre-1857 battle honours. The reconstruction we offer here is substantially speculative but based on other similar irregular infantry regiments. 

IMBF05a The 'Allahabad Moveable Column Flag Deal'. (£20).
All five flagsheets for the infantry units of the Alllahabad Moveable Column (IMBF01-05 inclusive) for the price of four!

IMBF06 The Colours of the 1st Bengal Native Infantry (white facings).

IMBF07 The Colours of the 10th Bengal Native Infantry (green facings).

IMBF08 The Colours of the 17th Bengal Native Infantry (black facings).

IMBF09 The Colours of the 42nd Bengal Native Infantry (yellow facings).

IMBF10 The Colours of the 53rd Bengal Native Infantry (yellow facings).

IMBF11 The Colours of the 57th Bengal Native Infantry (buff facings).

IMBF12 The Colours of HM 93rd (Sutherland) Highlanders.

IMBF 13 Two Old Mughal Empire Banners. 

Likely to have been prevalent around Delhi. Suitable for irregular contingents anywhere. Possibly carried by some sepoy regiments in lieu of their regimental colours, where the latter remained in the hands of the European officers.

IMBF 14 Red Lotus & Chapati Flags. [One large, two small]. 

Said in some contemporary Indian sources to have been a primary banner of the rebel movement. Suitable for irregular contingents.

IMBF 15 Lord Hanuman Banners [One large, two small]. 

Lord Hanuman is the monkey-god of Hindu theology. This is banner said to have been used by the Rhani of Jhansi's troops, but we don't see why they shouldn't have been carried by other irregular contingents. 

IMBF 16 The Colours of 7th Oudh Irregular Infantry. 

(Regimental colour yellow field). (Mutineer regiment).

IMBF 17 The Colours of 2nd Oude Irregular Infantry. 

(Regimental colour white field). (Mutineer regiment).

IMBF 18 The Colours of 5th Oude Irregular Infantry. 

(Regimental colour green field). (Mutineer regiment).

IMBF 19 The Colours of 3rd Infantry, Gwalior Contingent. 

(Regimental colour white field). (Mutineer regiment).

IMBF 20 The Colours of a Generic Infantry Regiment (blue facings) of the Gwalior Contingent. 

(Regimental colour blue field). (Mutineer regiment). 

Because there is no complete list of the facing colours of the GC Regiments, we have left the central numeral blank for you to paint in with the regimental number of your choice - you might have a list that we don't, but if you do let us know!  Otherwise you should stay between 1 and 10 (but ignoring 3), using Latin numerals, hence,  I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X. If you are not bothered one way or the other we suggest you stick to I or II as the easiest numerals to paint freehand!

IMBF 21 The Colours of a Generic Infantry Regiment (buff facings) of the Gwalior Contingent. 

(Regimental colour buff field). (Mutineer Regiment).

See notes on IMBF 20 above.

IMBF 22 1st, 2nd and 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry. 

(Mutineer regiments).

IMBF 23 1st and 3rd Oudh Irregular Cavalry. 

(Mutineer regiments).

IMBF 24 1st and 2nd Punjaub Cavalry. 

(Loyalist regiments).

IMBF 25 5th Punjaub Cavalry and 2 x Union Flags of Cavalry Guidon dimensions. 

(Loyalist regiments). 

We suggest you use these Union Flags for any irregular cavalry regiments that were so newly raised for special service in the Mutiny that they cannot have had regimental guidons (e.g. Hodson's Horse). Also ideal for your senior officers' command bases.

IMBF 26 3rd and 15th Bengal Irregular Cavalry. 

(Mutineer regiments).

IMBF 27 8th and 13th Bengal Irregular Cavalry. 

(Mutineer regiments).

IMBF 28 1st and 2nd Gwalior Contingent Cavalry.

(Mutineer Regiments).

IMBF 30 British Cavalry Lance Pennons

(21 x red over white pennons. Suitable for (HM 9th Lancers and EIC irregular cavalry regiments on both sides).