Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'eDamn the heat and the flies! 


Gwalior, Afghanistan, Punjaub & Scinde

A brand new range presently in development. The first releases can be expected over the course of the summer months (northern hemisphere) of 2020.

GAPS 1 British Infantry, firing line, coatees, peaked forage caps (older pattern) quilted cover and neck curtain, knapsacks, P1839 percussion muskets (8 figs). Not yet available. Viewable on the 'Workbench' page of this site. 

[Particularly suited for HM 22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment in Scinde 1843]. 

GAPS 2 Sikh Irregular Matchlockmen, firing line, with tulwars and slung shields. (8 figs). Not yet available. 

[Suitable for 1st and 2nd Anglo-Sikh Wars].