Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'Hard pounding, gentlemen!'




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                                                                Page 1: Cawnpore - Lucknow.

Orders of Battle at Chinhat; Sketch Map of General Wheeler's Entrenchment at Cawnpore; Sketch Map of the Residency Perimeter at Lucknow; Table showing Composition of the Allahabad Moveable Column; Portrait of Brigadier-General Henry Havelock;  2 x Maps of Havelock's Operations; Chronology of Operations and Actions of the Allahabad Moveable Column; Sketch Map of the Battle of Aherwa (aka Cawnpore); Sketch Map of the Battle of Bassiratgunge; Sketch Map of the Battle of Bithur; Table showing the various Rebel Forces engaged against Havelock's Column; Table showing the Composition of the Oude Field Force (1st Relief of Lucknow); 2 x Sketch Maps of Operations around Lucknow Sep 1857-Mar 1858; Table showing Composition of General Sir Colin Campbell's Force at the 2nd Relief of Lucknow.

                                                               Page 2: The Siege of Delhi.

Orders of Battle at Ghazi-ud-din-Nuggur; Orders of Battle at Badli-ke-Serai; Table showing Composition of the Delhi Field Force including unit dates of arrival on Delhi Ridge; Sketch Map and Orders of Battle for Najafgarh; Table showing Mutineer Units present in Delhi; 2 x Sketch Maps of the Siege of Delhi; British Order of Battle for the Storming of Delhi; Photograph of the Kashmir Gate; List showing Composition of the Kashmir Gate 'Explosion Party'. 

                                                                      Page 3: Agra.

Orders of Battle for Sassiah (aka Shahganj; Orders of Battle for the Battle of Agra.

                                                     Page 4: Dress, Equipment and Colours.

Facing Colours of the Bengal Native Infantry Regiments; Uniform and Facing Colours of the Bengal Light Cavalry Regiments; British and Company Regiments of Particular Interest - Formal Titles, Facing Colours and Distinctions borne on their Colours and Standards; Uniform Guide to British and Company Units (to Nov 1857 only); Shades of 'Khakee'; Shirtsleeve Order at Delhi; the Infantryman's Entitlement to Summer Clothing; Types of Trousers; Photograph of 9-pdr field gun.  

                                                                 Page 5: Organizations.

British Infantry Regiments/Battalions; Bengal Light Cavalry; The Punjaub Irregular Force; Artillery; The Typical Bengal Native Infantry Regiment.

                                                           Page 6: Glossary of 1857 India.