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There are 5 drop-down pages at this section. Click through to the relevant pages using the links at the main headers.

1. Theatre Map.

2. Official Despatches and Orders of Battle for the Battles of Maharajpoor and Punniar, both fought on 29 December 1843.

3. Map of the Battle of Maharajpoor. 

1. Map of the Storming of Ghazni (1839).

2. Composition of Major-General Elphinstone's Garrison in Kabul.

3. Two maps of Kabul and its Environs.

4. Orders of Battle for the several engagements around Kabul between November 1841 and January 1842.

5. Order of Battle for the 'Retreat from Kabul'.

6. Map of the route and passes between Kabul and Jelalabad. 

1. Battle Maps 1st Anglo-Sikh War (1845-6): [Mudki to follow], Ferezoshah, Aliwal, Sobraon.

2. Battle Maps 2nd Anglo-Sikh War (1848-9): Chillianwallah, Gujerat.

1. Theatre Map.

2. Major James Outram's Official Report on the Defence of the British Residency in Hyderabad and his withdrawal.

3. Orders of Battle, Napier's Official Despatches and Battle Maps for the Battles of Meanee and Hyderabad (aka Dubba). 

1. Uniforms of the Bengal Army in 1841.

2. Irregular Cavalry Regiments of the Kabul Garrison.

3. Facings and Battle Honours of the Regiments in Kabul.

4. Dress in the Scinde Campaign.

5. Organization of EIC 'Native Infantry' Regiments.

6. Cold Weather Clothing in Afghanistan.

7. Extracts of Standing Orders for the Bengal Native Infantry.

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