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A picture paints a thousand words!

India & Afghanistan

Last Stand of the 44th Regiment at Gandamak by W. B. Wollen. January 1842. 1st Anglo-Afghan War. 

Action on the Heights of Truckee by Daniel Cunliffe (1801-71). A scene from the 1st Anglo-Afghan War.

Napier's Conquest of Scinde, 1843. Battle of Meeane (above) and Battle of Hyderabad (below), by George Jones.

HM 31st (The Huntingdonshire) Regiment attacking at the Battle of Sobraon (10 February 1846) during the 1st Anglo-Sikh War.

Lithograph from an oil by Henry Martens.

The 14th (The King's) Regiment of Light Dragoons in action during the 2nd Anglo-Sikh War.

Charge of the 24th Regiment at Chillianwallah (13 January 1849). 2nd Anglo-Sikh War. 

Charge of the 16th Lancers at Aliwal (28 January 1846). 1st Anglo-Sikh War. 

General Lord Hardinge (Governor-General of India) at Ferezoshah (21-22 December 1845). 1st Anglo-Sikh War

Siege of Multan (April 1848 - January 1849). 2nd Anglo-Sikh War.

Southern Africa

The 74th Highlanders in action in the 8th Cape Frontier War

Basotho Warrior, photographed somewhat later in the century, but nevertheless, dressed and armed just as he or his father would have been in the 1840s and 1850s.

Private of the 12th Lancers, Battle of Berea, 20 December 1852.

Artist: Michael Perry.

The Battle of Gwanga River. 7th Cape Frontier War of 1846-7.

Lt-Gen. the Hon. George Cathcart and staff at the Battle of Berea.

Lithograph from an oil by Lt. Thomas Goodrich CMR (present at the battle). 

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