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Perry Miniatures: 28mm Figures for Napoleonic, ACW, WWII, Sudan, AWI, Carlist War, Crusades, Wars of the Roses, Agincourt and lots more besides. All by the brilliant Perry Twins. Say no more.

Empress Miniatures. 28mm Figures for Anglo-Zulu War, ECW, Spanish Civil War, Moderns, North West Frontier, 1st Maori War, Iron Duke Miniatures Indian Mutiny, Mutton Chop WWI and lots more besides. Lots by the outstanding sculptor Paul Hicks.

Orinoco Miniatures. An outstanding range of 28mm figures for the early 19th Century Wars of Liberation in South America.

Galloping Major Wargames. Tip top 28mm figures for the French and Indian War.

Adrian's Walls. Really good terrain stuff for little men to fight over.

Tablescape. Beautifully lightweight, yet completely robust terrain pieces, including city walls perfect for India.

Too Fat Lardies. Rulesets, notably Sharpe Practice a fun set of skirmish rules with wide applicability.

Flags of War. Top quality flagsheets for many periods. FOW manufactures but does not sell our IDM flagsheets, which are retailed alongside the rest of our products by Empress Miniatures.  

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