Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'Hard pounding, gentlemen!'


Logistics & Artillery. 

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                                                                                         Additional Officers and Ensigns

You can achieve added variety in your British units with our codes of Generic Infantry Officers and Generic Ensigns (IMBC 19 and 20 respectively). All are clad in shell jackets, frequently worn by infantry officers, regardless of the dress of the rank and file members of the regiment, making these supremely flexible figures. It was commonplace to wear a neck-tie, usually in black silk, and to own shell jackets cut in an informal or non-regulation style by local tailors. Sashes might or might not have been worn, according to the diktats of the colonel or, more often than not, personal whim. These were the earliest days of the revolver and not all officers owned one. Sun helmets were worn widely by headquarters staff officers and in many HEIC units, but only gradually caught on in regular army infantry regiments. The colours in which these figures have been painted are by no means prescriptive: almost any combination of the colours shown (and others besides) can be used on any of the figures. One of the ensigns appears twice in this picture, to demonstrate the flexibility of the figures, reflecting the traditional stubborn refusal of the British officer corps to dress alike when soldiering in the field. 



The Mutiny range is extensively supported with carefully researched flagsheets. The colours are vivid, they have a shading effect to save you time and effort, and every word on them is legible.  They are made for us by 'Flags of War', (who we should mention sell their own British Napoleonic 'finials', i.e. the pike-head and tassels, which are exactly right for the 1857 period too.  The Flags of War website is accessible through our Links page.