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Iron Duke Miniatures

'Hard pounding, gentlemen!'


    Welcome to Iron Duke Miniatures       

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About Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures is a small UK company founded in 2015. Iron Duke is devoted to the design and production of top quality wargames figures in 28mm scale: our genre is historical gaming.

For the first five years of operation we developed a large and highly regarded 28mm range, which we sold on to Empress Miniatures in June 2020. Over the remainder of 2020, therefore, we are in a reconstitution phase, in which we will be opening up new ranges. Much of the preparatory work for two of the ranges has been done already and we anticipate launching the first releases in these ranges over the course of the summer.  

Iron Duke aims to set the highest standards in bringing our figures to market and will invite only the best sculptors, manufacturers and retailers to participate in our projects. One of our prime concerns is the historical authenticity of our figures, whether in terms of their dress and equipment, their weaponry or their animation. 

The place to buy our products is from our UK Distributor, Empress Miniatures, either from their trade-stand at major wargames shows, or online at the user-friendly Empress Miniatures webstore, where customers are able to  view images of all Iron Duke products as they shop:





Safety Notice
Parents please note that our products are cast in high grade white metal: needless to say they are small, shiny and hence unsuitable for very young children.
                                                                                                                    Condition of Products 

1. Please note that all products are supplied unpainted. 
2. Guns, limbers and carts are supplied as simple kits, with some assembly using superglue required.  
3. Some figures are supplied with separate arms, typically sword-arms, which again need to be super-glued in place. 
4. Standard Bearers and lancers do not come with cast metal flag poles or lances, as such things when cast in soft white metal are not survivable on the wargames table, such that the vast majority of gamers prefer to model their own with thin steel or brass rods cut to a length they are individually content with. A good alternative, preferred by many, are the wire rods used in flower-arranging, which can usually be found at arts and crafts retailers.