Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'eDamn the heat and the flies! 


(Transport, Horses, Equipment, Miscellaneous)



THEM 1 Set of 4 irregular horses, galloping, basic saddle blanket and rope harness.

[Suitable for Basotho, amaXhosa, Griquas, Bergenaars, Afghan and Indian Irregulars etc]

THEM 2 Bullock-drawn 'hackery' (open-topped cart). (£17.50).

[Supplied with 2 bullocks, a yoke, a cargo (2 earthenware pots, 2 grain sacks and 3 crates) and a matchlock-armed Indian or Afghan driver. See below for notes on assembly].

Click images to reveal. Left: Here we see the kit laid out, ready for assembly. Note that the planking running across the floor of the cart faces upwards, so that the two side panels can be glued along the outside edges of the planks. The hooked struts of the side panels go at the front of the cart, with the hook itself curving outwards. You might wish to consider placing the cargo as shown, with the long artillery chest running diagonally across the top of the two smaller crates, firstly, because it will make gluing the sides to the floor that much easier, by retaining the sides in an upright position while the glue sets, but primarily because it will provide extra solidity against any possibility of your gaming friends causing damage to your model, perhpas by picking it up by the sides and squeezing them in unthinkingly. The base of the T-bar yoke glues neatly into the small hole at the front of the draught pole. Once you have glued the floor of the cart to the top of the axle and undercarriage, you will find that there is now a recess at the rear into which the struts of the tail-gate assembly will slide neatly: see the up-ended cart on the right. Secure the struts to the undercarriage with a small blob of glue. Note that there is indeed a a second earthernware jar in the kit, which in this instance has been left out and set aside for other purposes, such as camp scenes etc. Right: To position the driver correctly you will need to seat him to the left-hand side of the pole, looking slightly to his right, such that his right foot is just resting against the draught-pole. For painting purposes note that he is seated on what can be imagined either as some kind of cushion, or perhaps more likely, a crushed down grain sack of the same colour as the sacks in his cargo.     

THEM 3 Pair of walking draught bullocks, with cast-on heads, supplied with yoke. (£7.00).
[Suitable for transport and artillery limbers in India or Afghanistan, but not Africa.]

THEM 4 Set of 4 British Cavalry Horses, legs gathered. (£10.00). Not yet available.

[The horse on the right, which is a great mainstay pose within units, repeats in the set].

THEM 5 Set of 4 British Cavalry Horses, legs stretched. (£10.00). Not yet available.

THEM 6 Set of 4 Draught Mules, in harness, at the halt. (£10.00). Not yet available.

[Suitable for artillery limbers and wagons in the Cape. Many other uses besides]. 

THEM 7 Set of 4 Draught Horses, in harness, at the halt. (£10.00). Not yet available.

[Suitable for artillery limbers and wagons in any operational theatre]. 

THEM 8 Bullock-Drawn Dak-Gharry (Mail Cart) Set. Not yet available.

[Consisting of the cart and awnings, an Indian driver and a pair of draught bullocks].

THEM 9 'The Gun Runner'.  Not yet available.

[Camel Set with matchlock armed tribal driver. India & Afghanistan.]

THEM 10 'The Baggage Train' (Set I). Not yet available. 

Camel transport on the march. 

THEM 10 'The Baggage Train' (Set II). Not yet available. 

Camel transport at the halt.