Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'Hard pounding, gentlemen!'


Here is a glimpse of products the Iron Duke has us working on presently. We know it's a bit frustrating to see the lovelies on display here and not be able to buy them straight away but, trust the Duke, it does take time to bring items to market at the standard you have a right to expect and the standard his lordship will always insist on. Nothing can ever be done in less than a month, counting from the time the sculptor puts his tools down, while some items have to wait a while longer for essential bedfellows to be finished: for example there's no point bringing the limber horses to market until we have some action packed artillery drivers flailing their whips about to go with them. They say that 'patience is a virtue': we're all collecting these things too, so we're all sharing the same journey together! But our notion is that a discerning customer base like ours would much rather see us getting things right than wrong, and would much prefer to see what's around the corner than be left in the dark waiting for something, anything, to happen!  So, for your delight and delectation, the Iron Duke presents.....   

NEXT: Expect to see the following items over the next few months:

An 8-figure code of badmashes armed variously with tulwars, spears and shields in attacking poses.
A 4-figure code of badmashes armed with matchlocks.
Three 8-figure codes of 93rd (Sutherland) Highlanders.
Elephant Mahouts.
An 8-figure code of Afghan Mercenary Matchlockmen.
An 8-figure code of HM 78th Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs) in smocks, with Enfields, in attacking poses.
An 8-figure code of HM 5th (Northumberland) Fusiliers, peaked Kilmarnocks with covers and curtains, in smocks with Enfields, in attacking poses.
An 8-figure code (HM 64th & HM 84th), British infantry in smocks, with Enfields, in attacking poses. 
A 4-figure code, British infantry, wicker helmets, in smocks, with Enfields, in attacking poses.
A dak-gharry set, (bullock-drawn postal cart), with 2 bullocks, driver and 4 British soldiers. 


 At the top are some wonderful 93rd (Sutherland) Highlanders by Paul Hicks. All 8 figures will be in the same code and are divided between front and rear rank men. [These will be followed in due course by an 8-figure set of skirmishers and an 8-figure command set including officers, ensigns, NCOs and a piper.]  Next down, also by Paul Hicks, is an 8-figure naval brigade gun crew for the 24-pdr siege gun (out already).  There is a lieutenant, a petty officer and 6 ratings.  After that comes a 4-figure code of kneeling skirmishers for the light company of the 78th Highlanders. 

COMING SOON: 93rd (Sutherland) Highlanders attacking. (8-figure set).

These are animated as four front rank men at a position of 'charge bayonets' and four second rank men at the 'slope arms' in accordance with the 1833 edition of the regulations Field Exercise and Evolutions of the Army, still extant in 1857.

Coming Soon: New Horses

IMH 10 Standing or held horses in regular cavalry saddlery. [Note: Suitable for riders in shell jacket and overalls only.] 
IMH 11 Walking horses in regular cavalry saddlery.  [Note: Suitable for fit riders in shell jacket and overalls only.]

IMH 10 Four standing horses in regular cavalry saddlery. Suitable for riders in shell jacket and overalls only. 

(Mounted figure for illustrative purposes only).

IMH 10 can be used for horseholder stands, but please note that the reins are not tailored in any way to that purpose. If you particularly wanted all the reins to lead to the hand of a horseholder figure, they could readily enough be modeled in cotton or similar.  (Mounted figure for illustrative purposes only).

Please take note that IMH 10 and IMH 11 are tailored for horsemen in shell jackets and overalls.  If you try to use them for other purposes not all our cavalry/mounted figures will seat properly. If you took at the images above in the order left to right, at No. 1 you will see a near miss - this figure could relatively easily be filed down at the back of the shirt and the inside of the rear saddle blanket to fit. At No. 2 you see the horse being used as it is designed to be used, which is to say for a rider in a shell jacket, and that the result is a perfect fit. At No. 3 you will see a figure in a frock coat that does not even come close to fitting. At No. 4 is another shell-jacketed figure, which once again is a perfect fit.

IMH 11 Four walking horses in regular cavalry saddlery.  Suitable only for riders in shell jacket and overalls. (Mounted figure for illustrative purposes only).

Forthcoming figures for 2018 by Paul Hicks

HM 78th Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs), dressed for the second half of Havelock's campaign to relieve Lucknow, now in smocks, wicker helmets and armed universally with P1853 Enfields.

HM 5th (Northumberland) Fusiliers