Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'Hard pounding, gentlemen!'


Here is a glimpse of products the Iron Duke has us working on presently. We know it's a bit frustrating to see the lovelies on display here and not be able to buy them straight away but, trust the Duke, it does take time to bring items to market at the standard you have a right to expect and the standard his lordship will always insist on. Nothing can ever be done in less than a month, counting from the time the sculptor puts his tools down, while some items have to wait a while longer for essential bedfellows to be finished: for example there's no point bringing the limber horses to market until we have some action packed artillery drivers flailing their whips about to go with them. They say that 'patience is a virtue': we're all collecting these things too, so we're all sharing the same journey together! But our notion is that a discerning customer base like ours would much rather see us getting things right than wrong, and would much prefer to see what's around the corner than be left in the dark waiting for something, anything, to happen!  So, for your delight and delectation, the Iron Duke presents.....   

NEXT: Expect to see the following items over the next few months:

An 8-figure code of badmashes armed variously with tulwars, spears and shields in attacking poses.
A 4-figure code of badmashes armed with matchlocks.
Two more 8-figure codes of 93rd (Sutherland) Highlanders (Command and Skirmishers).
Elephant Mahouts.
An 8-figure code of Afghan Mercenary Matchlockmen.
A 4-figure code of Afghan Mercenary Commamd. 
A dak-gharry set, (bullock-drawn postal cart), with 2 bullocks, driver and 4 British soldiers. 
A 4-figure code of mounted Mahratta lancers/standard bearers. Native dress. 
An 8 figure code of mounted Bengal Artillery (all European) at the gallop.
An 8-figure code of mounted Bengal Artillery (all Indian in regulation dress) at the gallop.
An 8-figure code of mounted Bengal Artillery (Mixed, European Gunners with native drivers) at the gallop.
An 8-figure code of additional mutineer infantry command figures.
A code of two mounted sepoy officers in summer shell jackets and forage caps (horses included).
An 8-figure code of HM 78th Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs) in smocks, with Enfields, in attacking poses.
An 8-figure code of HM 5th (Northumberland) Fusiliers, peaked Kilmarnocks with covers and curtains, in smocks with Enfields, in attacking poses.
An 8-figure code (HM 64th & HM 84th), British infantry in smocks, with Enfields, in attacking poses. 
A 4-figure code, British infantry, covered wicker helmets, in smocks, with Enfields, in attacking poses.
A 4-figure mounted code of Brigadier-General Havelock and his staff charging with drawn swords.
Artillery drivers in resting poses for static artillery draught horses.

COMING SOON (late Jan/eary Feb) 

'Badmashes' (roughly translated as ruffians, bandits or riff-raff). 

These will be released as a mixed code of 8 spearmen and swordsmen and a separate code of 4 matchlockmen. There will be short spears sprued to the open-handed figures. Leaders and standard bearers can be selected from amongst these figures.  

RELEASE IMMINENT: Afghan Mercenary Matchlockmen. (Above and below).

These are also suitable for the 1st and 2nd Afghan Wars.

RELEASE IMMINENT: Mahouts for our three elephants, as well as a splendid looking maharajah.

Below: A less splendid looking bhisti (water carrier) and a 'charming' street entertainer and friends.  These two will be out early in 2019.

RELEASE IMMINENTIMBC 56 'Leading the Charge'. Brigadier-General Henry Havelock and staff officers charging with drawn swords. (4 figs). 

[Use horse code IMH 1]. (Not yet available).

RELEASE IMMINENT. IMREB 32 Mounted Native Officers, summer shell jackets and forage caps, drawn swords. (2 riders, 2 horses). (£9).

(Suitable inf or arty units on either side). (Not yet available).

COMING IN 2019. 

IMREB 31 Mutineer Battery, Bengal Artillery regulation dress, summer shell jackets and forage caps, gun team at the gallop, (8-fig set). 

Consisting of 1 x officer, 3 x drivers, 3 seated gunners and outrider with carbine. [(8 human figures only. For artillery horses use the 8-horse code IMH 6. [For gun and limber use IMLA 1 & 2].  (Not yet available).

Coming Soon: A 4-figure code of mounted rebel lancers/standard bearers. Native dress. 

[Note that in the photo the figures are just balancing and not glued down: they are a perfect fit for our irregular horse codes.] 

Forthcoming figures for 2019 by Paul Hicks

HM 78th Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs), dressed for the second half of Havelock's campaign to relieve Lucknow, now in smocks, wicker helmets and armed universally with P1853 Enfields.

HM 5th (Northumberland) Fusiliers