Iron Duke Miniatures

Iron Duke Miniatures

'eDamn the heat and the flies! 




Above and below: GAPS 13 'Last Stand at Gandamak'. Based on W. B. Wollen's iconic painting.

Pauk Hicks at his best. A special edition set of 24 figures. Not available before the New Year.

Key to the British figures in GAPS 13. 

[See the final gallery photo above].

1. A wounded officer of an indeterminate infantry unit.
2. A sergeant of the 44th.
3. A private of the 44th.
4. An officer of an indeterminate unit.
5. An officer of an indeterminate unit.
6. A dead private of the 44th.
7. Private of the 44th.
8. A private of the 44th.
9. [Not visible in this photo but see elsewhere]. A private of the 44th in the correct style of forage cap (i.e. unlike the anomalous cap in Wollen’s painting).
10. A private of the 44th.
11. A slightly wounded cavalry officer (moustaches not permitted in the infantry).
12. A flank coy private of the 44th.
13. A private of the 44th.
14. Lieutenant Soutar, 44th Regt.
15. Badly wounded private of the 44th.
16. A slightly wounded sergeant of Bengal Horse Artillery.


For release in February

GAPS 14 Retreat from Kabul HM 44th (The East Essex) Regiment. (5 figs).

A selection of privates from GAPS 13 to allow for expansion of your army. 

GAPS 15 Afghan swordsmen in winter dress.

[Suitable for 1st and 2nd Anglo-Afghan Wars].

GAPS 11 Line infantry, firing line, centre company coatees, bell top shakoes. 

Especially suited to the 41st (The Welsh) Regiment in Afghanistan or the 49th (The Hertfordshire) Regiment in China 1839-42.  Note that in due course this code will be followed by  a set of flank company figures and a centre company sergeant. The sergeant can be seen further down the page. 

OR 11 Line infantry, firing line, centre company coatees, kilmarnocks no peaks. 

Especially suited to the 91st (The Argyllshire) Regiment in South Africa 1845-51. Note that in due course this code will be followed by  a set of flank company figures and a centre company sergeant. The sergeant can be seen further down the page.

GAPS 2 Line Infantry, flank company coatees, skirmishing or firing line, quilted cap covers and curtains. (8 figs).

Especially suited to the 22nd (The Cheshire) Regiment in Scinde. 


EIC Irregular Cavalry, Sikh Irregular Infantry Command, British Infantry Officers including ensigns, Napier and Cathcart personality sets, a bullock-drawn dak gharry (or mail cart) and a set of four draught mules.  

GAPS 7 & 8 East India Company Irregular Cavalry. 

Available by front and rear ranks as two separate codes each of six riders and 6 horses.

GAPS 6 Sikh Irregular Command. 

An 8-figure code consisting of 2 x 4-figure command sets 

GAPS 3 Line infantry officers in shell jackets. 

[The flagsheet is a separate item].

GAPS 9 Major-General Charles Napier Staff Set

OR 8 Lieutenant-General the Hon. George Cathcart Staff Set

THEM 8 Dak-gharry Set

THEM 6 A set of four draught mules.



A set of Kabuli Matchlockmen, a second set of Sikh Irregular Matchlockmen, Griquas, Later Basotho, Traditional Basotho Warriors and second and third variant sets of 43rd Light Infantry. See Catalogue Page for full descriptions and code numbers.  

GAPS 10 Kabuli/Afghan Matchlockmen 

GAPS 5 A second set of Sikh Irregular Matchlockmen

OR 9 Griqua Horse (6 riders, 6 horses)

OR 5 Later Basotho horse (albeit not necessarily later). 

(6 riders and 6 horses).

OR 4 Basotho warriors, traditional dress. 

(8-figure set, riders only).

OR 1B Head variant code for the 43rd Light Infantry. 

OR 10 More 43rd LI variants: officers and non-regulation headdress.


New artillery codes. The guns and limbers won't be released until we've got mounted drivers and gun crews to go with them, but at least you can see some of the pending items: here a 12-pounder howitzer, drawn by mules, as used in General Cathcart's Orange River Expedition of 1852.  

Preparations for Beloochee [Baluchi] infantry attacking. 

The kneeling figure will be teamed up with other dollies we already have in hand for firing line codes. After Baluchis we will also produce Sikh and Afghan irregulars based on these and other dollies. 

It's all in the detail.

Above: Exquisite detail on a British heavy dragoon helmet; sculpted by the eagle-eyed Paul Hicks. 

Below: three more items of headdress, by Paul, namely a later P1847 heavy dragoon helmet, a light dragoon shako in quilted cover and a lancer's cap inside a plain cotton cover.