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The Waterkloof Range

A new 28mm mini-range of amaXhosa warriors for the 6th-8th Cape Frontier Wars (1834-53). 

Check out the Orange River Range for their British opponents.

WKF 1 Xhosa Ambush.

8 warriors, various ancillaries (kaross and assegais). (£16.00).

WKF 2 Xhosa horseholders.

2 teenaged horseholders, 6 horses, 2 muskets. Figures are open-handed so that spears can be substituted if preferred. (£20.50). 

WKF 3 Mounted Xhosa & Kat River Rebels.

6 riders & 6 horses. (£28.50).

WKF 4 Xhosa Skirmishers (I). 

With various ancillaries, loose muskets and karosses (animal skin cloaks), but brass spears not included. (12 figs) (£24.00).

WKF 5 Xhosa Attack. 

14 figs and ancillaries. Brass spears not included.  (£28.00) 

WKF 6 Xhosa Skirmishers (II).

Includes a leader.  The prone figures are different to the ones in WKF 1. (£16.00)

WKF 7 Xhosa Hut. (£9.50).

The amaXhosa lived in family homesteads of variable size. The huts were typically arrayed in an arc, set about 25 yards back from a centrally positioned cattle kraal. The kraal was usually circular and was constructed from thorn bush. Our view is that for a tabletop homestead, 5 or 6 of our huts looks good.  That said in close country strongholds, like the Waterkloof and the Fish River Bush, huts were often erected out of sight, inside forest areas or other belts of dense vegetation.  In that sort of scenario lone huts or clusters of two or three huts would be perfectly valid.  

WKF 8 Amafenkhosi - Xhosa veteran warriors. (8 figs and 8 shields). (£17).

Warriors wearing the distinctive crane feather headdress that served as the mark of the Xhosa veteran. Amafenkhosi translates as, 'Those who die with the chief [or king].' The crane feathers went out of fashion as time wore on: thus, while they were commonplace in the 6th Cape Frontier War of 1834-5, (and the conflicts that preceded it of course), they were less widely worn in the 7th, 8th and 9th CFWs.  The code contains a loose knobkerrie, but spears are not provided.  

WKF 9 Amafenkhosi II.jpg

WKF 9 Amafenkhosi II - Xhosa veteran warriors 8 figs, 7 shields (£17)

Use in conjunction with WKF 8. See notes above. One loose knobkerrie (hardwood club) but note that no spears are provided.  

WKF 10 Comd & cas.jpg

WKF 10 Xhosa Command and Casualties (£23)

Chief and horse, 4 casualty figures and 5 other warriors, with 3 cowhide shields and a selection of weapons. 

WKF 11 xhosa Attack II.jpg

WKF 11 Xhosa Attack II.  (£28).

Another splendid selection of 14 warriors in attacking poses. The set is supplied with one cowhide shield and an assortment of spears and muskets for the open-handed figures. Two of the figures in the set are using the kaross, (a cowhide cloak), draped over their left arms in lieu of a  shield. 

THEM 28 'Steak on the Hoof'. A small herd of Nguni cattle. (£24.00).

These are in the THEM range but it can't do any harm to also display them here! 

Compatibility of IDM Xhosa with Perry Miniatures Xhosa. Painted figures are Perrys, remainder IDM. Bang on!  

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